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“We’re still here”: An Abolition Ecology Blockade of Double Dispossession of Gullah/Geechee Land

by Dean Hardy, Maurice Bailey, and Nik Heynen in the Annals of the American Association of Geographers Narratives of resilience to sea-level rise too often […]

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“I am Sapelo”: Racialized Uneven Development and Land Politics within the Gullah Geechee Corridor

by Dean Hardy and Nik Heynen in Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space The history of land struggles in the United States demonstrates how […]

Scalawag article by Maurice Bailey and Nik Heynen: Sweet (and sticky) redemption

Gullah/Geechee of Sapelo Island reclaim sugarcane to fight cultural erasure There is no U.S. agricultural history without the expertise and labor of African people who […]

State legislature Working to Permit Sale of Heritage Preserve Lands to Private Entities

by Dean Hardy, Maurice Bailey, and Nik Heynen in the Darien News Georgia’s heritage preserves are spread across the state. Many residents consider them an […]

Re-earthing Sapelo Island

“A plantation can be a commons”: Re-Earthing Sapelo Island through Abolition Ecology

by Nik Heynen in Antipode This paper is based on the 2018 Neil Smith Lecture presented at the University of St Andrews. It considers the […]

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