In October, the land on the left perimeter of SICARS largest farm plot (Lot 1) was cleared through the use of controlled fire. Volunteers gathered the tree limbs leftover from the felling of trees in the area and consolidated them into separate piles. Fire breaks were then built around them to contain the flames. After the stacks were lit, the fires were monitored to ensure that the flames did not escape. The burns lasted around 24 hours and successfully cleared the area of the large amounts of debris.  This feat is integral to the broader vision of the Sapelo Island Cultural and Revitalization Society to promote sustainable economic development through agriculture on Sapelo. In clearing this land, more space is made available for growing sugarcane and other heritage crops, generating more financial opportunities for the community of Hogg Hammock. The next planned steps are to level and till the cleared earth in preparation for the next planting season.

Pictured: Land in Lot One after controlled burns.

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