Success in the Sugarcane Fields: A Look into This Year’s Harvest

Last week, volunteers associated with the Cornelia Walker Bailey Program participated in the harvesting of sugarcane in conjunction with the Sapelo Island Cultural and Revitalization […]

Indigo Planted in May is Harvested

In December of 2018, the Cornelia Walker Bailey Program entered a partnership with the International Center for Indigo Culture (ICIC) and the State Botanical Garden […]

Expansion of Land on SICARS Farm Lot

In October, the land on the left perimeter of SICARS largest farm plot (Lot 1) was cleared through the use of controlled fire. Volunteers gathered […]

Whitney Barr, First Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Honor Scholarship Recipient

The boat over to Sapelo Island one morning this past summer was a living cross-section of people who live, work, or visit this unique barrier […]

UGA Students Assist SICARS and Cornelia Walker Bailey Program

This fall semester, students enrolled in the Athens Urban Food Collective course, taught by Cornelia Walker Bailey Program co-director Nik Heynen, have been engaging in […]

Sapelo Island Geechee Red Peas Reach the Plates of Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia restaurant LRG Provisions has entered a relationship with the Sapelo Island Cultural and Revitalization Society (SICARS) to bring Sapelo Island Geechee Red Peas […]

UGA Maymester Students Assist Cornelia Walker Bailey Program and SICARS

This May, five UGA students spent two weeks on Sapelo Island as part of Nik Heynen’s Geography of the Georgia Coast domestic field-study course associated […]

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